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I will never figure out why they had that scene with Robin sincerely telling Ted she didn’t love him if they actually meant for Robin and Ted all along. Plus all the scenes about how Ted needed to move on. The show was constantly telling me these two didn’t work — not that it was the wrong place and the wrong time and maybe one day it would work — she didn’t love him and they weren’t right for each other.

But looking at the finale, we don’t see Robin say she’s still interested after Ted runs to her. Robin becomes a pawn whose life falls apart mostly off screen in a series of flashforwards just so she can line up with Ted’s fantasy. Why on earth am I supposed to believe that the same thing that happens every time Ted goes after her won’t happen again? Ted will chase after Robin and even if she wants to be able to make the easy and “smart” choice, she still won’t love him and it still won’t work out.

The show gave me every indication that despite their problems, Robin loved Barney.  And despite how much Robin and Ted wanted it to work, Robin didn’t love Ted and she had accepted it. That was the whole point. Ted was supposed to grow up, find someone who loved him, and realize that he had been chasing after an unattainable dream all these years.  He was supposed to really fall in love with his future wife and see what Robin had known all this time — they weren’t right for each other.

This show completely broke every understanding I ever had of these characters and who they were, turned Robin into nothing but a prop in Ted’s life, left ted stuck in the same place for 25 years, and did the worst unraveling of character development I have ever seen to Barney and I cannot be ok with that. 

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"Harvey, you’re a good man"

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harvey&donna in 3x09/3x16

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"Harvey, you’re a good man"

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I know that there are plenty of Harvey and Donna ‘shippers out there – getting Harvey and Donna together, if it’s done too soon, in my opinion, will really harm the show. I will go ahead and say that. Their relationship is always going to move forward in bits and starts, so to speak, and they’re always going to have be there for each other. Donna is definitely going to have a lot of things to say about Harvey’s new place in the world now that Mike is gone. I don’t think she focuses too much on Scottie being gone because it’s just not as much of an issue. But Donna has a lot to deal with when this twist kicks in.


Suits Executive Producer Aaron Korsh on the Harvey and Donna’s relationship after the Season 3 finale. 

(Source: TVLine)

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